Shiro, best known as the basket cat, with a friend

This server is called

Hakodate is a southern coastal town on Hokkaido, the northernmost Japanese main island.
This server replaces a server named Sapporo, which is the capital of Hokkaido.

Okay, but why is that a server name?

Sapporo was originally set up one December. I like snow. Hokkaido is renowned for snow, and Sapporo celebrates Snow Festival. Hakodate is close enough to it to still represent The North.

I have traditionally used locations, fictional or real, as host names.

I wanted a domain name that didn't contain my name or referenced a game I had been playing many years ago. The chosen one is one letter off a world religion and a tongue-in-cheek promotion of cat worship.

Image credit: かご猫 (kago neko, "basket cat") blog